Friday, 15 May 2015

Six Cookbooks That Will Inspire You To Eat Home-Made & Healthy

Six Cookbooks That Will Inspire You to Eat Home-Made and Healthy | Sally Says Beauty

I've always liked cooking but since I've been trying to eat a more plant-based diet I've definitely got more adventurous in the kitchen - mainly thanks to all the amazing food bloggers I discovered whose websites were full of inspiring and healthy recipes. Many of them now have cookery books out and while I still love reading their blogs, there's something to be said for following a recipe out of a nice hardback book with glossy pages and beautiful photography. Today I'm sharing five of my favourites that inspire me to cook from scratch and make healthier choices (not just for me, but for the environment too). 

1. My New Roots - Sarah's book has some of the most beautiful food photography I've ever seen, and I love how it's divided into seasons (five!) to help you make the most out of seasonal produce. Her Quinoa Risotto with Grilled Scapes and Rocket is already a firm favourite of mine and there's also loads of useful information like how to grow your own sprouts (from seeds, not the Brussel variety!), make nut milk and butter, and how to cook pretty much every grain and legume you can think of. You can have a read of her blog here - I promise you won't be left disappointed, just hungry!

2. A Modern Way To Eat - Anna was trained by Jamie Oliver and it really shows in this book. The food styling and photography is especially on point and I love how honest her writing style is. Simple recipes that look amazing and taste even better; I'm particularly a fan of her Lentils and Roasted Beetroot with Salsa Verde, and I'll definitely be cooking her Turkish Fried Eggs for my boyfriend as a birthday breakfast. She lives in Hackney too, so I'm hoping I'll bump into her on Broadway Market one Saturday morning!

3. Deliciously Ella - I'm sure you've all heard of Ella! Ella's recipes are incredibly easy and as the name suggests, completely delicious. Plus, every one is vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free. Chapters each cover a food type such as grains/pulses/fruit, and again there's lots of interesting information at the start of each one. The Brazil Nut (almonds for me as I'm allergic!) and Rocket Pesto Pasta is perfect for those days when you want something really quick but nourishing and comforting, and of course there's her famous Sweet Potato Brownies!

4. The Vibrant Table - I don't own Anya's book (yet!) but I've poured over it enough in my local bookshop that I feel like I do! I'm desperate to try and replicate her Peach and Avocado Summer Rolls and Squash Blossom Quiche. The photography in here is so colourful and enticing, and all the photos are taken by Anya's daughter which I think makes it extra special.

5. Oh She Glows - The cover alone was enough for me to want Angela's book (I always always judge actual books by their covers!), but the inclusion of Broccoli and Quinoa Burritos (chuck some avocado in there and you've got what sounds like my perfect meal) sealed the deal and Oh She Glows is currently winging it's way through the post to me.

6. Kenko Kitchen - Kate's blog is full to the brim with whole foods and sugar-free, gluten-free delights, and her book is no exception to the rule. Buckwheat Bircher with Berries and Bee Pollen is an inspired antidote for a dreary morning and her vegan cheese alternatives (cashew 'goat's cheese' and macadamia 'ricotta') are next on my must-try list!

Six Cookbooks That Will Inspire You to Eat Home-Made and Healthy | Sally Says Beauty

Do you have any favourite cookery books that you think I should try?

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt

Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt Perfume Review | Sally Says Beauty blog

Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt Perfume Review | Sally Says Beauty blog

Well let's be honest, anything that involved beach rope instead of ribbon tying up the packaging was going to be a hit with me. I don't think Jo Malone have ever brought out a fragrance that I didn't like (that's a lie, what's with that Lime Basil and Mandarin one?! Do I just have a citrus aversion or does anyone else not believe it could actually be their bestseller...?) but this is definitely one of their best. I actually decided I wanted it before I even smelt it just because of the name. I don't know if it's just my inner wannabe surfer girl (I say 'wannabe' - balance and coordination are apparently quite important if you don't want to spend most of your time spluttering underwater - who knew?) but Wood Sage and Sea Salt sounded like the dream perfume to me.

It (obviously) smells like sage and sea salt, but also like seaweed and driftwood and summer. It's lighter and fresher than I first imagined, and it's one of those perfumes that once you spray on you have to stop yourself from constantly sniffing your wrists. It's kind of like going for a blustery coastal walk - but without the getting caught in a hail storm or accidentally inhaling the strands of hair that the wind has blown in your mouth (just me?), and more like the sitting in a cosy pub afterwards with rosy cheeks and a G&T. It's especially lovely coupled with my other favourite Jo Malone scent, Blackberry and Bay, and the combination of the two make me feel like I'm about to hike across some fields to get to the coast on a country dog walk, even if in reality I'm just squashed up in a Central line tube carriage that smells slightly like manure...

Monday, 4 May 2015

The Spring ASOS Edit

The Spring ASOS Edit - Sally Says Beauty
ASOS are always on point with their own brand collection, but for the last few months I've found myself loving almost everything I see in the 'New In' section and making a few lot more orders than usual! So for today's post I thought I'd bring you an ASOS Edit, which involved me trawling through the website (it's a hard life, I know...) to pick out my favourite pieces from their Spring collection which I think you will love too.

I think the items below would make a great capsule wardrobe if you need to pack light for a holiday, and they're all such versatile pieces that you could wear in so many different ways. I already have my hands on the raffia soled sandals and the amazing cat eyed sunglasses, and there may be a few more of the items below winging their way through the post to me as we speak... but while I wait, I may aswell have another ASOS browse, no?