Wednesday, 9 April 2014

What's On My Nails Wednesday

I thought I'd just write a quick post tonight and join in with the lovely Paige from Paige's Preferences's series! On my nails today is Kensington Palace Gardens by Nails Inc. I have to say, I have fallen in love with this shade! I ordered this along with a few others (you can check those out here) and on the website it was described as a 'peach'. Oh, Nails Inc, but it's so much more than that. It's almost a neon but not quite - slightly muted and dare I say it, a bit pastel-y, but still bright enough to make me feel all summery (it has actually been quite warm in London!). It's a gorgeous colour, and these pictures really don't do it justice so I'd recommend going to check it out yourself!

In other news, I've finally handed in my dissertation (I was even one day early - check me out!) so am a little bit less busy/stressed/on the verge of a breakdown. I still have 6 exams coming up but hopefully I'll have a bit more free time now so I can get back to blogging more regularly!

What are you wearing on your nails today?
Sally xx

Sunday, 30 March 2014

March Love Me Beauty Box

This was only my second ever Love Me Beauty box but I'm fast becoming addicted - I love the fact you can choose which box you'd like to receive and skip a month without any cost if you don't like the look of one. I wrote more about Love Me Beauty in my February box post here so be sure to check that out if you want to know more about the brand. So, straight on to what I got in this month's box...

Nip + Fab Viper Venom Eye Fix 15ml (RRP £14.95)
I was really pleased to see some Nip + Fab products in this months boxes as I've been really liking their Dry Leg Fix that I got last month. This is an anti-wrinkle eye serum, meant to reduce the appearance of dark circles, which I am in dire need of right now - too many late nights! It has a metal rollerball applicator, which along with the serum, gives a really cooling and refreshing feel when applied to my tired (or hungover...) eyes.

Murad Pomegranate Exfoliating Mask 7.5ml (RRP £25 for 6 sachets)
I've been wanted to try something from Murad for the longest time so this seems like the perfect place to start. This is actually a gel-based chemical exfoliater rather than a scrub, which is something I've never owned so I'm really curious to try it out. I've been sniffing the packet (not weird at all, right?) and it smells lovely and pomegranate-y so I'm a happy girl.

BlanX White Shock Toothpaste 15ml (RRP £7.50/50ml)
This was a bonus extra in every Love Me Beauty box this month, which is always nice! I'm always looking for a good whitening toothpaste so I was happy to receive this, although it is meant to whiten your teeth throughout the day as they're exposed to light - reallllly? I'm looking forward to seeing how well it works anyway.

The Vintage Cosmetics Company False Lashes in 'Gracie' (RRP £6)
I'd never heard of this brand before but these lashes look really pretty - they're quite natural but I think they'll still add a lot of length. The band across the top is invisible as well, which makes them a big hit for me!

Deep Steep 'Candy Mint' Foot Stick 15ml (RRP £3.60)
My feet have been subject to quite a lot of walking in uncomfortable shoes over the last few weeks so this was a very welcome addition to my box this month. It smells good enough to eat, literally, and is really soothing on my poor blistered (yuck...) toes.

Quintessentially English 'Vintage Bouquet' Bath Salts 50g (RRP £4.25/100g)
These smell so calming and relaxing, I just hope I don't fall asleep in the bath! I never really use bath salts so they'll be a nice change, and the packaging is beyond cute. I'll definitely be checking out this brands other products soon.

Overall I'm really pleased with this month's box and I think it's definitely worth the £10 subscription fee. You can take a look at Love Me Beauty's website here, but get your skates on - the March boutique will close soon!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Have You Discovered...? Skincare

If you haven't heard already (where have you been?), the lovely Becka from Becka's Beauty Blog has started a new series called Have You Discovered...? which is all about writing about brands that you don't feel get enough recognition. I think it's a great idea and am really pleased to be taking part. This week's theme is skincare and there's a different product to talk about every week. You can find Becka's page all about the series, if you'd like to take part or just find out more about it, here.

First of all, sorry for the not-so-great-quality of the photo above, I'm still at home ill and so don't have my SLR with me. I picked two items this week, which are:

Decleor Paris Aroma Dynamic Toning Gel (£28/200ml)
I'd heard of Decleor Paris before, but never seen a blog post about them, and recently I picked this up (okay, stole it from my mum's bathroom!) and I'm really impressed with it. It's a gel formula which seems a bit strange at first, but is really refreshing and moisturising on the skin. Decleor say to massage it onto tired legs, I like to use it after moisturising when I get out of the shower and have been known to stray away from the leg area and cover the rest of my body as well! I'm not sure about the claim that it tones legs, I'm always dubious about any body products that are toning or 'cellulite-busting' (yeah, right), but it certainly  makes my skin feel smoother. It's a great product to use after a workout as it helps with aching muscles - although my 10 reps at 25kg on the thigh adductor machine probably doesn't count as a proper workout. It smells quite strongly of menthol, which I quite like, and I've been known to sit there sniffing the bottle when I've got a blocked nose and can't be bothered to dissolve my essential oils in boiling water to help clear my airways. If that wasn't enough, it apparently contains arnica, my favourite it-probably-doesn't-work-but-i-still-believe-it-does homeopathic remedy.

Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream (£42/15ml)
Of course, everyone knows of Bobbi Brown makeup, but I don't feel like I hear a lot about their skincare range, which I actually really like. This eye cream, although pricey, makes my eyes visibly brighter and less puffy as soon as I apply it. It feels like more of a balm than a cream, and is quite rich and heavy so I tend to just use this at night, combining it with the Origins GinZing eye cream in the mornings to provide the ultimate dark-bags fix. I've also tried the Hydrating Face Cream from Bobbi Brown which is a good all-round moisturiser and the Tinted Moisturising Balm which smells amazing. All in all, next time you're at your local counter picking up your Long Wear Gel Eyeliner or Shimmer Brick, have a nosey at the skincare on offer, you might be surprised with what you find!

Friday, 14 March 2014

Update & Nails Inc Offer

So, I owe a massive big grovelling apology for the length of time I've gone without blogging! Things have been super hectic with university work at the moment and I've also come down with mumps (yes that hamster-cheek virus that nobody but little children and cartoon characters get - or so I thought!). Feeling really unwell and overwhelmed with the amount of words I need to write in the next few days (TEN THOUSAND!?) has meant I've scurried back to Wales, partly to avoid infecting any of my housemates in London and partly for the home cooked meals, free heating, and Labrador cuddles I get here. In my rush to catch the last off-peak train from Paddington on Monday, I threw a few essentials in my handbag, not including my SLR or any of the products I've planned posts about. This, coupled with feeling ill and exhausted has made for a very bad beauty blogger! I promise it will step it up soon.

I thought I'd write a quick post because I saw an amazing offer on Nails Inc's twitter page - they're offering 8-strong polish collections for £20. Nails Inc is one of my favourite nail brands, and possibly my longest-loved, but their usual retail price of £11 each means I don't often just pick one up as a treat. I've built up most of my (embarrassingly large) collection from their legendary lucky dip sales and the many freebies they've given away with Glamour/InStyle/Diet Coke.

There's three collections to choose from, and the one I went for (above) is called Sugar Rush. The colours are:
Royal Botanical Gardens - mint
Kensington Square - pastel pink
Ebury Square Gardens - pastel blue
Kensington Park Gardens - peach
Sweets Way - pastel sprinkles
Bury Walk - iridescent grey
Hyde Park Corner - dusky lilac
Mayfair - iridescent white

I saw the three 'Gardens' polishes when they were first released and almost picked them all up there and then - but I'm glad I waited now! The other two collections are Heat Wave (below left) and Soft Focus (below right). I have to admit I was very tempted to pick up Soft Focus as well!

£20 plus £3.95 shipping means that these babies work out at £2.99 each - the same price as Barry M! Twenty pounds did seem a lot (for a student anyway!) to be shelling out on nail varnish - do I really need more anyway? - but I thought this was a really good deal and I think Nails Inc have one of the best formula's going. They last longer on my nails than most other brands I've found and not to mention these colours are gorgeous.

This offer is only on until midnight (GMT) tonight - so you better hurry over to quickly if you want to snag a bargain!

Which of the three collections would you go for?

Sally xx

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Revlon Haul | Matte & Lacquer ColourBurst Balms

I have to admit, as soon as I saw the many posts about the new Revlon ColourBurst Balms on my Bloglovin' feed I gave into the hype (surprisingly unusual for me when it comes to drugstore products) and hotfooted it to my nearest Boots to pick some up. As fate would have it, Revlon was on 3 for 2, but I restrained from picking three of these beauties up and thought I would try out one of their much-loved Lip Butters instead.

I'd never tried anything from Revlon before but these two had me hooked. So much so, that on my next shopping trip, three more ended up in my basket (what can I say, it was still 3 for 2, Boots what are you trying to do to me?). I'm sure that, like me, you've read every other beauty blogger's reviews of these and are probably sick to the back teeth of them  have at least seven of them stacked up in your Muji draws by now, so I will just say that I love the formula, packaging and how moisturising they are. As for the lip butter, the same applies, but I've since picked up a different shade - Strawberry Shortcake - and I like it even more.

If you're at all interested in what shades caught my eye, keep on reading...

(Left - Right: Matte Balm in 245 Audacious, Lacquer Balm in 135 Provocateur, Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti)

(Left to Right: Matte Balm in 210 Unapologetic, Lacquer Balm in 110 Coquette, Matte Balm in 220 Showy)

Have you picked any of the new Revlon Balms up yet? What are your favourite shades?
Sally xx